“I can´t wait to see Australia….met so many great Aussies around the world, and they all loved to sing, hike, dance and party. It´s going to be great finally getting there, and with my guitar and new songs. Wauw!
Landing in Darwin 2. March playing a couple of concerts, then going: Caines – Brisbane – Sydney – Melboune.
The Danish author and singer/songwriter Benedicte  Riis  is coming to Australia March/April 2016 to make concerts and shows with her new CD “Bird in the sky”. The exciting story and earcathing songs begins in South Africa with sunset over Cape of Good Hope, and then she sails over South Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro, up to Carribia and out over The big beatiful Pasific. After that she drives from Alaska to Cape Horn in an old Chevy van, singing and performing all along the coast of Americas.
10 songs from all over the world – from 4 continents – now in Australia!
Benedicte  Riis has published 45 books and launced 34 CD for the Danish market.
Now in English: “Bird  in  the  sky”.
A real adventure in music and storytelling.