ALASKA – CAPE HORN with Tante Andante

2 1/2 year´s magic drive from “Top of The World” to “Fin del Mundo” is now succesfully over Christmas 2015.

Meeting children in schools all along the Passific coastline was a beautiful experience.
Visitors were always attracted by the van, singing, playing, making bobles, helping getting new ideas…

Children wanted all along to sing their songs and show their treasures and traditions.

And we never starved or got lonely in the van – people invited us in and made their excelent food.
 h10 (1)
“Criollo” is the name of this Colombian dish. Mmmmmmm.

In Peru the children helped making a musical about The Nazca Lines
In Chile a group of fantastic musicions empowered the Nazca Musical
All the Tante Andante Books went on display at The FILSA International Bookfair in Santiago
And the children in Vicuna were singing and dancing.

Look, a meeting inside The Tante Andante Bus with good friends.
It was not always easy to get through 48.000 km of all kinds of roads.
Nice to have clever friends…

Now we have reached Ushuaya and we have to sail around Cape Horn. Thank you Tante Andante Bus, thank you all children and friends who have helped us on this long jorney with lots of music and new bright ideas…